No 2 RISING STAR DEMONSTRATOR and placed in the TOP 25 DEMONSTRATORS of the year 2010

No 2 RISING STAR DEMONSTRATOR and placed in the TOP 25 DEMONSTRATORS of the year 2010

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Creating a Christmas Tradition

Come join me create a Days till Christmas Album or a Countdown to Christmas choose the title.
Are you a Christmas lover?? Like me!
Do you love everything about Christmas? the crowds, the shopping and finding that special or elusive gift for that certain person?
Do you love the moment you find the right tree?
What about switching those lights on for the first see the look on the childrens faces...brings joy to my heart..... I love it.
Do you have a special tradition you do each year? mine is getting the tree up by the 2nd (my DD's birthday) and also shopping with my children to buy their special Christmas decoration for the tree.
Do you bake? I make the best fruit mince pies...I can't make enough and I give them as gifts.
Do you hand make you own cards and small gifts?

Well, why not join me in creating a days till Christmas and beyond album this year?
Starting is easy: all you need to do to start is start taking a photo/photos everyday day until you bring your tree down after Christmas...

When you have the time to get them developed do so and start scrapping.

I'm going to post everyday from today letting you know where I'm at.
So today I'm going to show you what I've been up to...making gifts etc..some you've already seen other will be new,
On the 1st you will see photos of our outdoor lights going up and being turned on that night.
On the 2nd you'll see photos of DD's birthday and the trimming of the trees (we have 2)
The 3rd more cardmaking and special gift making and so on until we take or tree and lights down for another year.....
So come along for the ride and start a tradition all your own.
Oh and BTW...I'm not going to post my completed layouts until after Christmas.... that way O can share my whole album all at once.
Share yours and receive a special gift.

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