No 2 RISING STAR DEMONSTRATOR and placed in the TOP 25 DEMONSTRATORS of the year 2010

No 2 RISING STAR DEMONSTRATOR and placed in the TOP 25 DEMONSTRATORS of the year 2010

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Welcome ladies,
Over the next few months we are going to go though a number of different you can get the most out of your stamping stash..Obviously there are just so many..I couldn't possibly cover them all..and think I could fill a book with just a list of B' I'm taking snippets from here and there to add to our tech books.
At the end of each class I will email you the typed abridged instructions so that you can add them beside the display image for your books....When adhering to the black 6x6 sheet please leave a margin at the left hand side and also use the front and back of you sheets.
(please email me at your email and home addy..(Home address for those in AUS only please...due to postage costs)

So let's get started

Technique 1..Aqua painters and using the SU Watercolour Wonder Crayons
Aqua painter allow us to use an number of colouring tools to give us a watercolouring or washed effect.
Step 1: Supplies
"For Father" Stamp Set...Summer Mini Catalogue - pg 22
Permanent ink...I used Stazon black (main catalogue pg 150)
SU Watercolour Wonder Crayons
Aqua Painter
plus your standard items
2 1/2 x 2 1/2 sq whisper white cardstock {CS}
6x6 black sq CS

(Don't look too closely at the image I used the wrong stamp pad)

If you are yet to use your Aqua painter you will need to prime it. First, unscrew and remove the nib end, next draw some water into the chamber by gently squeezing the chamber, replace nib. Next, gently squeeze the chamber again this time to get water loaded into the nib. you can tell when the nib is full by gently brushing it onto a cloth...Your nib should always be primed with water when in use...if it isn't your watercolour crayons will start to get a little gluggy....
Step 2:
Stamp your image onto your piece of whisper white cardstock {some use watercolour paper, but I find if you don't use excessive water you'll be fine with normal cardstock}

Step 3:
Using you Aqua painter, there are a number of ways you can do this..some suggest you take colour from the base of your crayon, others ask you to take the crayon out of the case and colour your image..I prefer to gently swipe the tip of my crayon...loading my Aqua nib with colour. {I don't use my crayons for anything else}

Step 4:
Now paint your colour on to your stamped image...I like to add colour to shaded areas and then blend the colour out to other areas of my image. If I need a darker shaded area I simply re-colour my nib and blend in where necessary....

Step 5:
Cleaning up to use another colour...simply brush the nib back and forth over a clean-up cloth...gently squeezing to release small amounts of water.

Step 6:
Repeat steps 3-6 until your image is coloured to how you like it and when finished adhere it to your black 6x6 sq of cardstock
Why not make 2. One for your tech book the other to place on a card?
VARIATION: Why not try other medium...use your stamp pads..but remember not to put the nib onto the stamp pad...simply squeeze the middle of your closed stamp will transfer onto the inside of your lid...then pick up the ink and start can also use the SU Watercolour pencils and SU Marvelous Markers as well.

Technique 2: Baby Wipe Stamp Pad
This technique will give you the look of a spectrum stamp pad...without the expense of purchasing one.
Step 1: Supplies
Ocean Commotion Summer Mini Catalogue - pg 15
Assorted SU re-inkers
Baby wipe...folded
Disposable plate (I'm using a piece of clear acetate) place your baby wipe onto this.
Whisper white CS
Step 2:
Randomly squeeze droplets of ink onto your baby wipe {not too much as it will spread out as it reaches the moist baby wipe}
Using different colours fill in all the gaps.Step 3:
Next stamp your image onto your newly made baby wipe stamp pad {it's quite moist and you may get inky fingers....wear gloves or just enjoy the mess}
You can re-use the stamp pad a few times before needing to reink.Try using different colour combinations to get different colour effects.

Technique 3: Baby Wipe Swipe

Similar to the baby wipe pad.
Step1: Supplies
Summer by the Sea - main catalogue pg:84
Assorted SU re-inkers
Permanent ink...I used Stazon black (main catalogue pg 150)
Baby wipe...folded
Disposable plate {I'm using a piece of clear acetate} to place your baby wipe on to.
Glossy white CS
(Don't look too closely at the image I used the wrong stamp pad)
Step 2:
You could use the baby wipe from the last technique or make another....I'm making a new one.
This time I want you to run small amounts of ink along the baby lines and make sure all the lines join up...otherwise you'll get gaps.
Step 3:
And this is where I like using the acetate...pick up the baby wipe and swipe it across your glossy CS.... Now allow it to dry, you could use your heat tool to speed up this process.

Step 4:
Once dry, stamp your image using a permanent ink...Stazon black.
VARIATION...Try swiping the ink across your card, allow to dry and then adhere an image over the for this card I used the aqua painter/stamp pad discussed in tech 1 variation.
NB: I love the colour of her's Blue Bayou from the in-colour range {and just a reminder the in-colour range will more than likely be leaving our catalogue when the New Idea Book & catalogue comes out in April}
Here's a little added bonus...colouring using your stamp pads and Aqua painter...enjoy

Technique 4:
Bleached Out Images
A great way to use household mix up the look of your CS and image
Step 1: Supplies
Versamark stamp pad (clear) - pg: 150
Stamp set 'Embrace Life' from the Aus - Summer Mini Catalogue - pg:19
2 1/2 x 2 1/2 coloured cardstock (your choice)
Embossing powder..clear - pg: 148
Heat gun - pg: 148
Aqua painter (to be used for this purpose only) another option is to use a fine watercolour paint brush and small jar. pg: 150
Step 2:
Stamp you image with the Versamark clear stamp pad then on to your CS.
Step 3: Dump clear embossing powder over your image...dust off... then heat set.

Step 4:
Very gently go over any areas that you would like bleached with either your Aqua painter or paint brush. Different cardstock will give you varying degrees of colour.
NB: Please be careful with the bleach!
Technique 5: Blender Pens
Blender pens give you a more intense colour than if you were using an Aqua painter...they also allow you to use your other tools for more than 1 purpose...Stamp pads now become pens....Chalks can be used as you would if you were colouring with a pencil..and so on...
Step 1: Supplies
'Botanical blooms' Stamp Set...Summer Mini Catalogue - pg 2
Permanent ink...Stazon black (main catalogue pg 150)
Blender pens
Stamp pads

Step 2:

Ink up and stamp image onto CS...allow to dry (will only take a few moments)

Step 3:
Using the technique I showed you at the end of Tech 4...gather some ink into the lid of you stamp pad..then with your blender pen..pick up some of the ink and start colouring your image...
I like to use a different pen for different colour families, but if you only have one pen..start with a lighter colour first, then move on to darker colours as you go...ensuring you give the nib of your pen a wipe over with a clean dry cloth.

Have fun ladies...and I post the requirements for our next session check back soon.
If you have any questions please post a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Sharon said...

These are fabulous Rhonda - thanks so much for sharing!
Shari NZ

Veronica said...

I've done 3 techniques so far - just waiting on supplies for the others. Love it - thanks Rhonda.