No 2 RISING STAR DEMONSTRATOR and placed in the TOP 25 DEMONSTRATORS of the year 2010

No 2 RISING STAR DEMONSTRATOR and placed in the TOP 25 DEMONSTRATORS of the year 2010

Thursday, August 28, 2008

SS blog Challenge.....Scents

Today we need to talk about days gone by and scents and smells that remind us of the past.
Freshly mown grass...reminds me of summer and rolling around in the silly stuff when our Dad had just finished. We could never work out why we got so itchy after?
Autumn.....I love the smell of fallen leaves, there's just something about it. When we were living in Orange NSW we had these huge deciduous trees in our yard and we would have to rake the leaves nearly every other day, once the piles were raked really high I'd let the children play in them...Now thinking about it I'm not sure if it was the smell of the 'sense' of Autumn I enjoyed the living where we are....we don't rake leaves anymore.
The scent of rain on the wind.....I love this smell! I guess living in the drought ravaged country that we's the small things that you appreciate. You can smell it coming. favourite time of the year. I love every scent about Christmas from the smell of cinnamon to Christmas pudding, beautifully ripe stone fruits to deliciously fresh cherries, as well as fresh whipped cream for the trifle.
I love the sights and senses emitting from nearly every store I pass (I'm a marketers dream!). Carols by candlelight...I love going to the Carols and the smell of hundreds of candles burning..the singing, the laughter and the sense of togetherness as we come together as a community.
I love the smell of Christmas morning and the sense of urgency that vibrates through the house as the children race down the stairs to see what's under the tree.....I LOVE CHRISTMAS!


Traci said...

great post! I'm with you on the Christmas scents. I was in Michael's today and they have their Christmas stuff out and just from the scent of potpourri I almost ended up buying Christmas stuff... IN AUGUST!!!!!

Rhonda said...

I know...I'm such a sucker for all that is Christmas.