No 2 RISING STAR DEMONSTRATOR and placed in the TOP 25 DEMONSTRATORS of the year 2010

No 2 RISING STAR DEMONSTRATOR and placed in the TOP 25 DEMONSTRATORS of the year 2010

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

PAPER BOX Tutorial

So let's get started.
Step 1

I used all Creative Memories products for this project
2 sheets of 12 x12 cardstock...I used Creative Memories perfect fit paper for mine.
2 sheets of plain cardstock (this is to make some cards for your little box and is optional)
Tape runner
Photo tape
12” trimmer
Multipurpose tool

Step 2
Cut 1 sheet of 12 x 12 cardstock to 11½ x 11½ (this will become the lid, so I‘d use the patterned side of your paper)
Cut the other to 11 x 11… set this one aside for now .
Starting with your first sheet fold it over and pinch the edges just a little at the fold…DO NOT score a line all the way along. Now open and fold in the opposite direction and repeat the process..

Step 3
I want you to open it out and mark with a pencil where you have pinched the creases…this makes it easier to complete the next step.

Step 4
Fold your corners into the middle…. and score the edges with your multipurpose tool….gotta love that tool!

Step 5

Now I want you to fold and score the edges in…I don’t have a picture of it..but you need to bring
both sides into the middle and score them…making sure you do not over lap them.

Open out and repeat with the other sides. Cool we’re getting there.Now I want you to fold and score all your edges in the opposite direction to what you just did…This makes the paper more pliable and makes it easier for the next step. I don’t have a pic of that either.

Now open up 2 of the ends…..

Step 6
This bit’s a little tricky, but once you get the hang of it…it’s easy peasy.
Bring 1 side up and fold the edges inwards…it’s hard to describe and hopefully you’ll be able to tell from the pictures

Step 7
Go ahead and put a little tape on the end then fold it in and crease the edges.
Hopefully that makes sense…Now repeat with the other side.

Viola…. a lid YAY!! Now repeat the process with that other sheet of cardstock which will
now become the base
Step 8

Got them? 2 will become part of your lid. I ran some photo tape along the length of the thinner strip and adhered it to the wider strip….then placed a little more photo tape on the ends and stuck this to the lid of my box.

Nearly finished… decorate your lid with a little ribbon bow, a sticker or what ever takes your fancy.
So now that you’ve made it what are you going to put in yours??
I discovered they fit those cute little electronic photo frames…this is a gift for a friend.
If you’d like to make cards to fit. I cut 2 sheets of PMP into 3 1/2 x 7” and folded and scored them…then decorated……

Phew...finally finished...YAY!! but I hope this process gets quicker because I don't fancy spending half the day taking photos and uploading.

and here are a couple of others I've made


Anonymous said...

Rhonda this is great, I made a "fairy box" I used a 2"x 2" square and made the first box then trimmed 1/4" and did 2nd part. It was fun and easy even with my short stubby fingers.
You Rock, thanks for the help.

WeatherReport said...

You are really tops! This is so much fun