No 2 RISING STAR DEMONSTRATOR and placed in the TOP 25 DEMONSTRATORS of the year 2010

No 2 RISING STAR DEMONSTRATOR and placed in the TOP 25 DEMONSTRATORS of the year 2010

Saturday, August 16, 2008


'Shades of' cards for all occasions
I made these up recently and used them for a cybercrop over on scrapshare (I'd link the site..but I don't know how to....very tech challenged that's me).
These cards are really simple and when finished you'll have at least 30 cards ready and at your disposal.

So let's get started shall we.
Step 1
Your Supplies
I used all Creative Memories papers and products for that's what I'll be referring to.
1 full pack of plain PMP (10 sheets with sizing measurements of 12 x 10) I used white
1 Shades of paper pack to coordinate with your plain (again sizing is 12 x 10) I used a Shades of Black
Clear titles
Coordinating flowers and buttons
Craft glue
Tape runner
Matching ink pad (optional)
Step 2
Open up both packs and take 2 plains from your 'shades of' and add them to your plain pack...set the 'shades of' aside for now.
Taking your plain cardstock cut each sheet into 8 x 6...these will become your 4 x 6 cards and you should have 24. You should also have a few small strip left..set these aside.
Now score and fold each card...and set them aside.
Step 3
Follow this guide to cut the plain cardstock from your 'shades of' pack.
(Double click on the template to enlarge it)
Once you've cut them sort them into size groups..fold the larger ones to make 4 x6 cards and put them with your other cards then set them all aside.

Step 4
Follow this guide to cut your patterned papers from your 'Shades of' pack
Group them into sizes and set them aside.

You'll notice you'll have bits of paper in varying sizes and it'll look like a bit of a mountain? Don't stress we'll reduce that pile pretty quickly.
Step 5
This step is really easy...take a card...pick a strip or square of patterned or plain paper (does it need a bit of ink rubbed around the edges to add interest? that now or leave it), now adhere it to the card. Next take a small piece different colour or pattern and adhere that onto your card somewhere. yeap! That's the way...Now I want you to pick a button/s or a flower and glue that on with your craft glue...Yay!
Now I mentioned clear titles in the supplies list...I'm using the CM clear titles and they come in a range of fonts and styles...but you'll need to be quick getting them from your CMC because most of them a while supplies last...eek! are you doing, have you made your first card yet... Cool, so now I want you to repeat the process until all your cards are decorated.
You probably have a few strips left over...don't worry sort and store them in a safe place until you need to make another card.

This is how I store my cards....It's a CM mini powersort box that comes with pockets and dividers.....but I've now outgrown that and have to use the larger one......this is great for storing any left over strips as well..... will take a pic soon

And here are some cards I made with other colours from the CM 'shades of' range

Shades of Amber

Shades of Aqua

Shades of Pink

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